From U.S Air Force Pilot to P&W Employee

Tim “Picard” Forsythe is associate director on Pratt & Whitney Military Engines’ Integrated Customer Solutions Team. He serves as the lead for Pratt & Whitney’s interactions with the Combat Air Force. Before beginning his current role in 2011, he spent 29 years as a pilot in the United States Air Force. Forsythe’s last position in the service was serving as the chief of the Combat Aircraft Division at Air Combat Command. Over his career he had the opportunity to fly 27 different aircraft and accumulated in excess of 4,000 flying hours.

Why did you join Pratt & Whitney after your time in the Air Force?

Forsythe: “The reason I joined Pratt … that’s easy. It was simple – [a] great product, great people and a great opportunity to continue contributing to our national defense.”

What about the product did you appreciate?

Forsythe: “During my time as a pilot in the United States Air Force, I had the opportunity to fly a variety of different aircraft and engines but my primary jet was the Viper (F-16). I have experience with multiple engines on that platform but I formed a unique appreciation and respect for Pratt & Whitney engines during that time.”

Why the Pratt & Whitney F100?

Forsythe: “Pratt & Whitney offered a few discriminators that stood out. First, whether it was the older or newer F100 models, they always brought me and my squadron mates home. Stuff happens in the fighter business; some of that is engine related. So I have experienced my fair share of ‘burps, bumps and bangs’ with many engines, and I’m happy to say the F100 never failed me. Second, throttle actuations in the F100 are extremely smooth, predictable and linear. The genius that thought up the DEEC (Digital Electronic Engine Control) deserves a serious pat on the back. I never had to chase a power setting.”

What about Pratt & Whitney’s service and engineers stood out to you the most?

Forsythe: “I have been on the receiving end of different companies’ responses to engine challenges experienced in the field. Pratt & Whitney’s service and engineers always stood out to me. From an operator’s point of view, Pratt’s responsiveness and commitment to the products in the field impressed me. The Pratt & Whitney engineers knew their engine like most of us know our children and they were passionate about sharing that knowledge with our pilots and maintainers. Simply put, the Pratt family earned my trust.”

How does Pratt & Whitney assist you in your continued contribution to our national defense?

Forsythe: “I loved serving my country and considered it an honor to fly such amazing aircraft. I miss it every day. That understood, you only get so much time in the cockpit before moving on to next phase of life. What the Pratt & Whitney Military Engines team accomplishes on a daily basis goes beyond the individual’s task. The aggregate effort is what powers the majority of the United States Air Force. To that end, joining the Pratt & Whitney team allowed me to serve a cause that’s important to me.”

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