Josias Israel: 'In Aerospace, Everything Counts. There's No 'Small' Issue.'

November is World Quality Month. Find out what Pratt & Whitney Quality employees find rewarding about their jobs and why Quality is such an important factor in the company's success.

Quality Counts

Josias Israel: My name is Josias Israel. I work in Supplier Quality here at Pratt & Whitney. I am the quality manager for compressor airfoils and IBRs. I graduated from Mississippi State in industrial engineering, and I went to work in automotive. I stayed in automotive for nine years and I transitioned over here to aerospace. It's been the best transition I ever made.

Josias Israel: The idea of coming into aerospace and going into Quality and the opportunity to make a difference that we can realize in our everyday lives is what drew me here. We all have families that fly. We all have family members that could be potential service members. And the opportunity to know that when you rest at night, you can say I did something today that helped make our loved ones get home safer.

Josias Israel: Everything counts. In aerospace, everything counts. There's no "small" issue. There is no smaller issue or bigger issue of one than the other. At the end of the day, our vision, our motto is Dependable Engines, so every single little thing counts. It's the emblem. It is the emblem. If you look on some of the pictures that we've got here, it is Dependable Engines. So, right back to 1925. Mr. Fred Rentschler, when he started this particular company and came up with this logo of Dependable Engines, very simple, very straightforward. That's the point of it that I love. I love being able to come in here and stay knowing that I can do something to add to that particular motto that was started back in 1925.

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