Alex Kinstler: Tackling the Lab and the Field

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Alex Kinstler is a perfect fit at Pratt & Whitney as he is no stranger to hard work. No matter if he is in the lab, in the library or on the field, Kinstler always puts forth his best effort.

"If you work hard now, you are bettering your future," Kinstler said. "There is so much to learn especially during your first year of whatever task may be at hand."

Kinstler, an intern in Material Process Engineering, studies both materials science engineering and German at the University of Connecticut. His internship constantly tests and expands his materials science engineering knowledge as he works for both the Rub Systems and Repair Source Approval groups.

Amid his packed schedule, he somehow finds the time to play a unique sport called "hurling." Hurling, a sport native to Ireland, is often referred to as the "fastest sport on grass." It is an incredibly fast-paced sport that is a sort of combination of lacrosse, baseball and hockey. He has been playing for about three years and is a member of the UConn Hurling Team, the first officially established collegiate hurling team in the Northeast.

Despite the excitement on the field, however, Kinstler said the highlight of his day is a visit to the Material Process Engineering lab, where he gains hands-on experience with the subjects about which he learns at school. "I wasn't expecting the level of interaction that I have with highly experienced engineers," Kinstler explained. "I really enjoy the level of exposure and autonomy that I have."

When asked about his favorite part of his internship, Kinstler was quick to reply.

"The people that I work with always find a way to be happy, even if it's a Monday. I love seeing beaming smiles from my co-workers – their smiles are contagious," Kinstler said. "I also enjoy doing my work because it interests me; though it's really the interaction with my co-workers that I enjoy most at my job."

Kinstler has not yet decided which career path he would like to pursue. He is considering either academia or in the industry; however, he is certain that he wants to work within the fascinating subject of materials engineering and that the knowledge gained during his internship at Pratt & Whitney will serve him well in whatever path he chooses.

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