Project 804: The next step on the path to more electric aviation

Project 804: The Opportunity

Project 804 is a hybrid-electric X-Plane. An advanced technology demonstrator and productizable hybrid-electric demonstrator, its mission is to achieve hybrid-electric flight by 2022, and to enable certified hybrid-electric regional travel within 10 years. This is the next step on the path to more electric aviation.

Project 804: How It Works

The Challenge

Aviation currently contributes 2-3 percent of human-generated CO2 emissions, and 12 percent of CO2 emissions from transportation. To sustain growth, the industry needs more efficient aircraft, and more advanced technology. Innovations in the automotive industry have made electric and hybrid-electric ground transportation a reality. Project 804 will take these advancements to the skies

The Platform

The X-Plane is built on a mid-sized regional turboprop—a platform ideal for hybrid application—using the existing airframe, systems and propellers, adding new battery technology and a new 2-megawatt hybrid-electric propulsion system.

The Opportunities and Customer Value

Exploring hybrid-electric applications, Project 804 can create new opportunities for airlines:

Retrofit of existing platforms: Greater fuel and performance efficiency open operational possibilities for airlines to sustainably reach more regional markets—connecting more people, in more places.

Clean-sheet design applications: Hybrid-electric opens a new design space for the aviation industry, including disruptive forms of vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) configurations for interurban transport and electric air taxis for urban air mobility missions.

The Outlook

For regional trips, hybrid-electric technology is closer than you think— taking off by 2022. That is the mission of Project 804.

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