UTC launches the Re-Empower Program: a program for professionals returning to the workforce

UTC launches the Re-Empower Program: a program for professionals returning to the workforce

Last year, Megan DeLoach, a software engineer, decided to return to work after five years at home.  I t wa s hard enough giving u p time with her two young daughters, Eva and Rosie. Additionally, half the terminology in her field had changed and she was several years behind her peers in the software industry, but that didn’t stop her from bravely re-entering the professional world as a software engineer at UTC Aerospace Systems.

“I love being back to work,” Megan says. “Especially here.”

Martha Nicol also stayed home with her three small children for seven years before she decided it was time to re-enter the workforce. Prior to leaving, she had spent 12 years in software and systems engineering.

When Martha’s youngest child entered kindergarten, she knew it was time to go back to work, though she realized it wasn’t going to be easy, especially in a field where technology is constantly changing. First, she updated her skills through an intense eight-week certificate program at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Then, she eased back into a working routine by accepting a part-time role. Today, Martha is an Associate Director of Strategic Planning at UTC Aerospace Systems.

Both of these women overcame a multitude of challenges when they decided to come back to work. And they’re not alone. How can more people who want to re-enter do so when professional environments are changing at a constantly accelerating pace?

To help people return to work, UTC is launching the Re-Empower Program. Beginning in January 2018, Re-Empower will help ease the transitions of those returning to the professional world after a hiatus of two or more years – providing avenues for others to replicate Megan and Martha’s success.

“This program gives candidates a chance to show that a willingness to learn can overcome gaps in specific knowledge,” Megan says.

Over the course of the 16-week program, professionals will gain paid, on-the-job experience, develop personal plans for success and receive coaching to guide their return to work experience. Upon completion, participants will be eligible for full-time employment, based on performance.

“There are a lot of uncertainties when you’re coming back to work,” Martha says. “You’re eager to show after a break from the work force that you can come back strong. So having that chance to prove that you can do the work bolsters your confidence and your future relationship with the company.”

“You’ll be able to assess the skills you need and be confident that you’ll fill those gaps,” Martha adds.

For more information on the Re-Empower program and to search opportunities and apply, click here

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