Kidde helps America remember on commemorative USS New York

The USS New York, a new warship that was built to commemorate the Sept. 11 attacks, has mounted guns and missile launchers that protect it on the outside. Inside, it relies on another line of defense.

Protecting the inside is a Kidde Fire Fighting foam system, which injects foam concentrate into a supply of water, to be expanded into finished foam through air aspiration when it emerges from the nozzles or sprinklers. It provides fast, efficient, firefighting protection with minimum manpower.

The system in the USS New York uses several Feecon® foam proportioners. Feecon® is a brand of Kidde Fire Fighting.

The Mil Spec 5" ratio controller and a Mil Spec back-pressure regulating valve provide foam proportioning to various areas throughout the ships. Proportioning is the mixing of foam concentrate into the water supply, usually 3 percent foam and 97 percent water.

The opportunity to help protect a ship such as the USS New York has special significance because the ship commemorates a significant moment in history and because it contains more than 7 tons of steel salvaged from the World Trade Center. The vessel is part of the San Antonio class of ships, which will be used to transport and land Marines, equipment and supplies.

“We won the contract because we meet military performance requirements, and we have a solid history of quality and dependability,” said Bill Cuff, from Kidde Fire Fighting’s National Foam business.

That performance is the reason Kidde’s balanced-pressure proportioning system is on many military ships. Here are some of them:

  • The USNS Mercy, a hospital ship
  • The U.S. Coast Guard National Security Cutters Bertholf and Waesche
  • The Lewis and Clark class ships, a dry-cargo ship in the T-AKE class
  • The T-AKR class, which can carry all the vehicles in an Army task force
  • The Replenishment Oilers (T-AO), which carry fuel for Navy ships at sea
  • The Maritime Prepositioning Ships (T-AK) which carry supplies throughout the world

“We at Kidde Fire Fighting consider it an honor to have been chosen to be part of this historic project,” said Tim Zupko, Product Manager for Kidde Fire Fighting. “The September 11 attacks affected us all in one way or another. The USS New York acts as a solemn reminder of the past, while at the same time, showing America’s pledge to a safer and brighter tomorrow.”

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