UTC Power delivers fuel cell for new Connecticut Science Center

A 200kW UTC Power fuel cell was placed on its pad at the new Connecticut Science Center in Hartford Oct. 1 and will generate 100 percent of the electricity demanded by the facility on an annual basis once operational in about a month.

The Science Center will be the first such facility to generate most of its own energy on-site with ultra clean, quiet fuel cell power.

By generating power on site, the Science Center also is able to reduce the burden on the New England power grid and its impact on the environment. The science center will prevent the release of more than 270 metric tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere annually by using the Model 200 PureCell® system rather than relying on a traditional fossil-fuel-burning powerplant.

The center will be one of the first fuel cell installations in the state to employ net metering, a process by which surplus power from the fuel cell is fed to the utility grid at night when the facility’s power demand is less.

According to Neal Montany, Director, UTC Power Stationary Fuel Cell Business, “We’re very proud and pleased to have our fuel cell at the new Connecticut Science Center. This presents a wonderful opportunity to educate the public and especially the visiting students on the merits of clean, Connecticut-made fuel cells.”

The state-of-the-art facility opened June 12 at 250 Columbus Blvd. and Grove Street, across from the Connecticut Convention Center, to teach visitors hands-on about science. It features 150 interactive exhibits, 10 galleries and a 206-seat 3-D movie theater.

About 120,000 people have visited the science center since opening day.

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