New digital technology revolutionizes UTC Fire & Security's service offerings

UTC Fire & Security is quickly positioning itself as a service leader through the implementation of a new handheld digital service tool known as i-service.

With plans to deploy the tool to the company’s more than 6,000 service technicians, i-service replaces paper with electronic efficiencies and wirelessly connects technicians to real-time data, enabling them to better serve the company’s global customer base.

"Rapid growth and the acquisition of more than 50 companies within five years created a dispersed, worldwide field service organization at UTC Fire & Security," said Omar Fathi, Chief Information Officer for the company.

"Prior to the launch of i-service, we used mainly paper to record service activities and we stored that data in multiple enterprise systems. This resulted in redundancy and numerous service processes. From the experience of other UTC companies like Otis, we knew there were a lot of efficiencies to be gained through increased automation," Fathi continued.

Technicians can now electronically receive service tickets, plan routes, schedule customer visits, check customer service records, and pass new-business leads onto sales staff – eliminating the stacks of paperwork and service tickets technicians used to receive at the start of each week.

First deployed at UTC Fire & Security's fire services business in France, the team has already seen a nine percent increase in service activity per technician per day and a significant increase in field-driven revenues.

Carole Fortier, deployment manager in the French business, said that customers also quickly saw the benefits. "We've increased the time our technicians spend with customers and are now able to provide a more streamlined field service solution."

"For example, when a technician finishes their work, they can synchronize their handheld to the corporate database and within minutes the customer is e-mailed a detailed service report showing exactly what was done at their site," Fortier continued.

The customer benefit of i-service can be seen in a increased sales from sales leads contributing to more than U.S. $10 million since the launch of the project in one business in France.

Another benefit of the tool is the ability to instantly update a dispersed field service organization on new products, service procedures, regulations, and health and safety alerts to help promote safe working practices globally.

"The field service tool is the first step in our vision for a single Web-enabled platform that we can use to better sell, install, and service customer equipment," Fathi said.

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