Carrier X2 refrigeration units provide sweet savings for confectioner

When Farley’s & Sathers Candy Company, Inc. launched a fleet of trailers, it got a sweet treat from the newly installed Carrier Transicold X2 Series refrigeration units: a significant drop in fuel consumption.

The Sathers Trucking Company, which provides private carriage service for the confectioner, equipped 93 of 113 trailers with model 2100A units from Carrier Transicold.

According to Gary Erfman, fleet safety and compliance manager for Sathers Trucking, the new fleet produced a 30 percent fuel savings, compared to older models. “What really caught my eye was the fuel economy,” Erfman said. “We have seen a big decrease in our fuel consumption.” With diesel fuel selling at more than $4.70 a gallon, that’s important to a company that annually logs more than 8.5 million miles and hundreds of thousands of refrigeration-unit operating hours in support of four manufacturing plants, multiple customer locations and third-party distribution pool points.

Farley’s and Sathers, based in southwestern Minnesota, is one of America’s newest candy companies, created in 2002. The company markets more than 900 products under the Farley’s, Sathers, Brach’s, Bob’s, Trolli, Heide and Chuckles brands, among others.

Wrapped on the sides and back with colorful decals, the 50-foot refrigerated trailers serve as rolling billboards for the company’s signature treats: Fruit Stripe gum, Jujyfruits candy, Now and Later taffy bars, Rain-Blo gum and more. At night, the retroreflective decals shine like beacons.

Winter’s freezing temperatures and summer’s stifling heat can destroy candy so it’s important that Carrier’s 2100A units maintain a constant 50o-55oF (10o-13o C) to protect the 2,000 or more cartons inside each trailer.

As part of the new X2 Series, the 2100A offers the performance and reliability established by Carrier’s original X Series units, coupled with improved aesthetics, superior serviceability and enhanced sound quality. Installed by Carrier dealer, Transport Refrigeration, Sioux Falls, S.D., the refrigeration units include the Advance™ microprocessor controller with built in Datalink™ recorder and pinpoint diagnostics to speed troubleshooting.

X2 Series models are the only refrigeration units with hinged side doors that open all the way to the top, providing total access with the flip of a single latch on each side door. The front panels swing open from the center with a single latch release.

Erfman explained that Sathers mechanics “love ‘em” for their ease of access. “It’s just phenomenal – everything is accessible. You have nothing hidden.”

As for the sound quality, Erfman notes, “They are a lot quieter than our other units.”

One might say that the only thing “loud” about the new trailers is their outside wrappers. And, as with any advertising strategy, that’s always a plus.

About Farley's & Sathers
Headquartered in Round Lake, Minn., Farley’s & Sathers Candy Company, Inc. is a leading manufacturer and distributor of quality confectionery and gum products, offering full-line, full-service opportunities to all classes of trade in the United States. Farley's & Sathers Candy Company, Inc. is a portfolio company of Catterton Partners, Greenwich, Conn. Catterton Partners is one of the largest private equity firms in the U.S., focusing on providing growth equity capital in consumer industries. For more information regarding Catterton Partners, visit For more information on Farley's & Sathers Candy Company, Inc., visit

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