A Powerful Partnership. Protecting Freedom

The Royal Air Force is one of the first operators of the F-35B Lightning II aircraft, powered by Pratt & Whitney’s F135 propulsion system.  The F135 provides short take-off and vertical landing capability (STOVL) for the UK’s F-35B fleet, which  allows the aircraft to be operated from the new ‘Queen Elizabeth’ – class aircraft carriers as well as short airstrips.

Pratt & Whitney engines have powered more than a dozen RAF aircraft platforms over the last 80 years, including:

  • North American T-6 Harvard with R-1340 Wasp engine.
  • Lockheed Ventura with R-2800 radial engines.
  • Douglas C-47 with R-1830 Twin Wasp engines.
  • Bell Griffin AR2 with Pratt & Whitney PT6T engine.
  • Boeing C-17 Globemaster III with four F117 engines.

Today, Pratt & Whitney is proud to power the RAF’s F-35 and C-17 fleets and remains committed to delivering world-class propulsion systems to power our customers now and into the future.

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