Spotlight on Pratt & Whitney's Technology and Innovations

Pratt & Whitney is setting the stage for a historic comeback. The company has invested more than $1 billion in its global manufacturing sites worldwide. This video showcases the technology and innovation that supports the ramp in production for the PurePower® engine family, and highlights Pratt & Whitney as a leader in 21st century manufacturing.

Kevin Morrison, cell leader, North Berwick: "These machines are cutting edge technology."

Michael Merritt, Jr., Middletown, Conn.: "I've never seen machines like what we have here."

Narrator: The action is on the floor. It is the people who operate the machines, craft the parts and build the engines, who are witnessing a technological explosion at Pratt & Whitney. 21st century technology and processes are painting a dramatic picture for Pratt & Whitney in the changing American Manufacturing landscape.

Greg Treacy: "We're gonna change the game with the products that we're creating both on the military and the commercial side of the business."

Dave Bonsall: "We're investing in facilities. We're investing in equipment. We're investing in capital and more importantly, we're investing in innovation."

Narrator: With locations around the world, Pratt & Whitney has invested more than one billion dollars in 21st century production.

Jeff Smith: "The ramp and the growth is actually what every manufacturing facility dreams of."

Susan Ross, machinist, Middletown, Conn.: "There's been a lot of equipment brought in. There's been a lot of brand new technology brought in here."

Dennell Fariley, ultrasonic inspector, Columbus, Ga.: "It's real high tech. It's real precise."

Steve Rinaldi, Middletown, Conn.: "Just to see the sheer amount of machinery, capital investment, and re-organization that's going on in the middle of production, it's quite an orchestrating feat."

Mike Papp: "We're doing a physical restructure. We're re-doing the floors, repainting the ceiling, bringing new equipment in, re-laying out in the flow lines."

John Gibbs: "The whole shop is going under a total transformation, what we do, where we do it and how we do it."

Jamie Forry, ACE pilot, Amercon, Middletown, Pa.: "We've got a lot of lean transformation, a lot of lean technologies and principles that we have used here."

Norm Levesque, working leader, North Berwick, Maine: "With the technology we have today, it's going to make us more efficient."

John Crespo, electron beam welder, Middletown, Conn.: "We have tons of new programs. We invested tons of money and capital."

Gerardo Michele, assembly technician, Middletown, Conn.: "There's nothing but positive oozing out of every nook and cranny of this place. I love it."

Narrator: The company's investment is being revealed at various sites in closed loop machining, robotics and automated production and inspection that produce parts faster with greater precision.

Jim Durgin, business unit manager, North Berwick, Maine: "We've got several new DMG machines and we've really focused on making sure we have the right machine for the right part."

Kevin McDonald, North Berwick, Maine: "We're bringing in 5 axis mill turn machines."

Michael McCluskey, technician, North Berwick, Maine: "Typically we would have took three or four different machines to do one operation or one set of operations. Now we just do it all at one time."

Ken Dickie, cell leader, North Berwick, Maine: "And what the fiber optic allows us to do is to combine three machines into one."

Kevin Morrison, technical supervisor, North Berwick, Maine: "The operators enjoy what they do on these machines. I think they're blown away by what these machines can do."

Keith Bagley, Columbus, Ga.: "The technology that we have on C-4 is really the key enabler for us to go meet the ramp for the upcoming NGPF. It's the only press like it in the world."

Lynn Gambill, East Hartford, Conn.: "It's great to have developed technologies and to actually see them applied."

Lynn Gambill, East Hartford, Conn.: "The one that you hear most about and the one that we're very excited about is additive manufacturing."

Brandon Green, Columbus, Ga.: "It's an amazing technology. Whereas in the past, everything was subtractive, now we're starting with nothing and we're growing a finished part."

Kate Guinn, Middletown, Conn.: "The machining that we have today is a lot more advanced than we used to have."

Tyler Stevens, Middletown, Conn.: "CBN because of it's cutting properties, allows you to increase speeds and feeds, remove material quicker and it actually comes out with a better surface finish."

Nick Lupoli, Middletown, Conn.: "We're doing five axis milling, six axis milling, and creating a feature that no one else in the world is doing."

Greg Treacy, Middletown, Conn.: "We're bringing in some large pieces of capital equipment. We have a linear friction weld machine."

Nick Lupoli, Middletown, Conn.: "You walk through the shop on any give day and see a large piece of equipment brand new, coming in on a crate and that's where the excitement is."

Narrator: State of the art processes for jet engine production are 20 to 30 percent more efficient. That will allow facilities in Middletown, Connecticut, West Palm Beach, Florida and Mirabel, Canada to produce more than 500 engines a year.

Tom Mayes, Middletown, Conn.: "We changed from a static build structures to moving assembly lines."

Chris Hersom, North Berwick, Maine: "Using a number of lean manufacturing principles we have reduced processing time on a number of the new products that we have."

Tom Mayes, Middletown, Conn.: "Our goal is to dual source, multiple assembly and test sites, multiple manufacturing sources for the same product and a raw material supply chain that can buffer against disruption in the industries."

Narrator: Pratt & Whitney's investment is providing 21st century products, led by the family of revolutionary PurePower Geared Turbofan Engines on the commercial side and the F135 on the military side.

Dave Foster, operations manager, assembly instrumentation and test, West Palm Beach, Fla. "There's a lot of things, a lot of people that have to pull together and work as one in order to get the engine off."

Narrator: As these skilled workers are building the engines, they are also creating a strong and stable future for Pratt & Whitney and aviation.

Terry Madore, working leader, East Hartford, Conn.: "I get excited just to come to work every day."

John Crespo, electron beam welder, Middletown, Conn.: "It's great for us hourly workers to see all this work coming in and signed orders."

Franklin Dempsey, quality manager, Middletown, Conn.: "And so, every day you come to work knowing that you're going to be doing something different today to make tomorrow better."

Tyler Stevens, Middletown, Conn.: "It's pretty exciting."

Jeffrey Eagle, Middletown, Conn.: "I love it. I absolutely love it."

Greg Treacy, Middletown, Conn.: "The future for this company is incredibly bright."

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