Jamal Enakhimion: Ready for Take-Off

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Ever since Jamal Enakhimion received his acceptance letter from Purdue University, he was ready to begin the next chapter in his life; a chapter bringing him closer to independence and fueled by his eagerness to learn as much as possible about aeronautical engineering. With a focus on structures and design, Enakhimion is now working as an intern within the Fan Blades department at Pratt & Whitney in East Hartford, Connecticut.

When asked why he chose to intern at Pratt & Whitney, Enakhimion said, "I felt that Pratt & Whitney gave me another opportunity to continue my previous work in aircraft engines. I was surprised by how quickly my manager was able to get me involved in so many different tasks."

Enakhimion truly feels immersed in his work. "In my previous work I had never had such a focus in fan blades," he explained, "in my current role I have learned the importance fan blades possess to the overall performance of an engine."

Currently, he is working on two major projects. In addition to working on a fan blade damping project, where he reviews mechanical test tasks and documents different test setups, test methods and results, he also compiles data pertaining to different fan blade configurations.

One of his favorite aspects about the position is the atmosphere of his office. Even though he is currently working with slightly new material, he feels comfortable knowing that he is never alone.

"I enjoy the interaction between employees when working on team projects. People are always willing to help no matter how big the task or small. I never have a feeling where I am left on an island when it comes to a given task," said Enakhimion.

At the end of his internship, Enakhimion hopes to take away many life lessons that he can use both in and outside of the workplace. He also hopes to join the rotational program, where he will have the opportunity to experience many different positions.

Enakhimion has found his niche, and he is ready to dive into any task that comes his way.

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