Epstein Highlights Innovation Behind Revolutionary Engine Concept for NASA D8 Aircraft

epstein 704x396

Keeping with its 90-year history of defining the leading edge of aviation, Pratt & Whitney is collaborating with NASA and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) on a study looking at a future aircraft configuration known as the D8. This design differs from today's tube-shaped aircraft and features an innovative engine concept crafted by Pratt & Whitney engineers.

Alan Epstein, vice president, Technology & Environment, recently interviewed with AirInsight on this subject during P&W's Media Day. During the interview, Epstein explained the details behind the aircraft and engine concepts, while also the highlighting several benefits associated with this project. Epstein also noted the D8 design has a 70 percent reduction in fuel burn compared to today's 737 aircraft.

Click here to view the AirInsight interview.

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