Profiling The Production Ramp: Five-Axis Machining Means Improvements in Quality, Speed

The production ramp up is fast becoming a reality throughout Pratt & Whitney. To learn more about what that means to employees, we are launching the "Profiling the Production Ramp Up" video series, featuring Pratt & Whitney employees from across the enterprise. Whether they work in manufacturing, operations, supply chain management, engineering or quality, their message is the same: "We're ready for the ramp."

In this video, "Five-Axis Machining Means Improvements in Quality, Speed," Kevin McDonnell, deputy director of Engineering, Pratt & Whitney North Berwick Parts Center, talks about the benefits of five-axis machining.

"We're able to put a part into that machine, set it up, and have the operator push the button and virtually complete that entire part without having to take it in and out of the machine," McDonnell said. "And the big benefit there is that the improvements in quality and speed are really significant."

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