Profiling The Production Ramp: Why Horizontal is Better Than Vertical When Assembling Jet Engines

The production ramp up is fast becoming a reality throughout Pratt & Whitney. To learn more about what that means to employees, we are launching the "Profiling the Production Ramp Up" video series, featuring Pratt & Whitney employees from across the enterprise. Whether they work in manufacturing, operations, supply chain management, engineering or quality, their message is the same: "We're ready for the ramp."

In this video, "Why Horizontal is Better Than Vertical When Assembling Jet Engines," John Guidone, product director, Pratt & Whitney Middletown Engine Center, explains the big move to the horizontal assembly of jet engines.

"We're coming up with a process that we can put these engines - and keep them - in the same horizontal position," Guidone explained, "so you eliminate all of the tooling and interfaces to move the engine, and you make it an easier, simpler build."

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