Teen Girls Explore Jet Engines and STEM Careers at UTC

UTC engineers talk to young women about their pathways to STEM Careers

UTC gives students hands-on STEM experiences.

Naniel Scott and a group of her YWCA  peers took a virtual field trip guided by UTC engineer Ciara Poolman and it wasn’t enough – they wanted to see the real thing. Two weeks later, the group was on the shop floor exploring the inside of a Pratt & Whitney GTF engine alongside Ciara and UTC engineers Tiffany Finch and Jacquelynn Garofano. While Customer Service Manager Chris Monnes served as the students’ aero-instructor for the day, the engineers talked to the young women about their pathways to STEM careers at UTC. UTC brings more than a thousand students a year into its U.S. facilities to give students of diverse backgrounds a hands-on STEM experience.

“For young women interested in becoming engineers and scientists, the reality is they won’t see as many women – especially women of color – in those roles as men,” said Ciara. “It’s important for girls to see professionals who look like them to know that they, too, could one day have a career in STEM.”

UTC is founding sponsor of STEMExplore – a collaboration with EarthEcho International – that is designed to make STEM careers exciting and accessible through a variety of virtual experiences. 

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