UTAS Bangalore Site Wins 2013 UTC EH&S Environmental Management Award

Site employs innovative strategies to reduce environmental impacts

UTAS Bangalore 2013
UTC Aerospace Systems’ Bangalore facility has won the 2013 UTC EH&S Environmental Management Award. The award is given in recognition of the UTC location that has demonstrated the greatest overall environmental improvement (air, water, waste, recycling) during the prior two-year period.
Bangalore's environmental impact reduction program is based on a philosophy of resource conservation and reuse, which can be seen in a variety of site initiatives:
Water - The site constructed a sewage treatment facility and captures water used in site restrooms and the site canteen. The water is treated on site and reused for Bangalore gardening and landscaping purposes.
Organic Waste - Bangalore invested in an organic waste composting system that resulted in annual on-site treatment of 72,000 lbs of waste, and the elimination of 18 metric tonnes of CO2 that would have been generated had the waste been sent to landfill.
Recycled Waste - The site initiated a five-day ACE kaizen event to identify how it was managing dry wastes such as paper, wood and metal, and implemented strict segregation of waste materials and increased employee recycling training. The segregated wastes were donated to a local community NGO supporting blind and disabled people, and the resulting revenue from the waste allowed the NGO to provide free lunches for 400 Bangalore school children
Bio-Diversity - Bangalore site grounds have been landscaped with native plants and species to support greater biodiversity. To promote a green culture, rabbits were brought in to maintain the lawns and eliminate the need for lawnmowers. Fruit bearing trees were planted to attract birds, and instead of killing snakes found on the property, a snake removal expert is called in to relocate the snakes.
Environmental Initiatives - The site actively engages with employees to promote environmental awareness, and in 2013 hosted a variety of education seminars focusing on the reduction of print paper, use of public transport and site and home energy efficiency.

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