Smaller Site, Bigger Goals: Pratt & Whitney Amercon Site Claims Excellence Award

UTC’s smaller facilities are stepping up to meet the challenge of achieving environmental, health and safety excellence.

PW amercon middletown article

Smaller facilities can face unique environmental, health and safety challenges. At UTC, we’re proud to have our employees work at facilities like Pratt & Whitney’s Amercon site, the recipient of the 2012 Small Site EH&S Excellence Award. 

The award recognizes a regional or individual location that either demonstrates significant improvement in or sustained excellence in EH&S Management. This year, Pratt & Whitney’s Amercon site met both of those goals, installing process control measures which increased safety and reduced water consumption by 41 percent, total industrial process waste by 11 percent and non-recycled waste by 89 percent. The Amercon facility has also experienced a 97 percent increase in business since 2008, proving that its efforts are reducing the environmental footprint and increasing overall efficiency. 

The Amercon site’s marked and sustained improvements in EH&S performance and culture, strong and innovative employee engagement, and the use of ACE and EH&S tools across the facility serves as an example of EH&S excellence across our company.​​​​​​​​​​​​

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