Christopher WorthingtonBarnes

U.S. Navy


Chris learned what sacrifice, courage and commitment meant through his father, who built his career in the military and served throughout Chris’ adolescence. In 1981 at 18 years of age, Chris enlisted in the United States Navy. He was stationed in numerous places around the world primarily providing support on aircraft carrier flight decks.

The Navy gave him a unique perspective on what teamwork truly meant. He describes teamwork as, “imperative to getting the mission done.” In 1992 after 11 years in the Navy, Chris completed his service and finished as a First-Class Petty Officer.

The Navy taught Chris critical leadership skills that he transitioned to his career at Collins Aerospace in 2006 where he now a senior manager of Integrated Product Support. He believes in the power of collaboration and teamwork. “I work with teams across the globe. I need to understand what motivates them, how they work as individuals and as teams, and how to make them successful. As a leader in Collins, we need to know those things to help our team members grow and be successful as a company,” said Chris.

We are grateful for the sacrifices that military personnel, veterans and their families have made and continue to make to protect us and our communities. We thank all of the men and women who have served and wish them a happy and fulfilling Veterans Day!

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