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Ziyou Xiong
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When Ziyou Xiong completed his Ph.D. in electrical engineering more than a decade ago, he began looking for a job that would enable him to continue learning. He found it at the United Technologies Research Center.

Through the Employee Scholar Program, Ziyou earned an additional two degress: an MBA and a master’s in mechanical engineering.

“My MBA helped foster leadership,” Ziyou explains. “I’ve been a principal investigator at the research center for many projects. The knowledge I gained in the ESP helped me talk to, and relate with, our combustion group’s expert on fluid dynamic-related projects.”

While his MBA has helped him to build more productive relationships with his team, his mechanical engineering degree has helped him solve tough challenges with innovative solutions.

Says Ziyou, “I wanted to learn more about physics and flow fields. I wanted to work with engineers and designers to develop better nozzles and create greener, more efficient products.”

So does Ziyou have other study plans. “Always. There is so much to learn.” ​​​

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