Julie Arthur


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Julie Arthur’s story isn’t one you hear every day.

A n Alaska Air National Guard veteran, Julie joined Pratt & Whitney in 2008 convinced that she would find opportunities to grow personally and professionally.  

Says Julie, “When I was active in the guard, I found it complicated to finish my educational goals because I was always deployed – Afghanistan, Korea, all over the world. When I learned about the Employee Scholar Program, I said, ‘well I’m out of excuses now’.”

Julie earned her master’s degree in management from Wayland Baptist University. As she explains, “I spent my military career managing equipment. I wanted to learn to manage and lead people.”

Today Julie is part of a team working on projects like the F119 engine. “My education made this possible, and I’m very grateful for that. But most of all I’m proud to honor the person who was the biggest influence in my life. My mom’s dream was to see me go to college. Pratt & Whitney made it possible.” 

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