Jose Garcia


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For Jose Garcia, the education he received through the Employee Scholar Program is far more than lessons from a book.

“In my first job as a manufacturing engineer, I used many of the tools I learned in class,” says Jose, “including how to program machinery and how to develop tools to solve an ergonomic issue we were facing.”

Now Jose has transferred his learnings from the manufacturing floor to the management office. Responsible for contracts for Pratt & Whitney’s F135 program, he is using his degree in business administration to navigate different cultures and to mediate and strategically guide Pratt & Whitney’s business relationships.

The Employee Scholar Program not only has enhanced Jose’s professional life but also his personal one. He met his wife while she was getting her college degree through the ESP.

“I’m very appreciative of UTC,” says Jose. “I have worked here for 14 years. This company gives opportunities that are limitless. All you have to do is apply yourself.” 

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