Himali Stoccatore


Himali Stoccatore
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Most people pursue one role for their entire professional life.

Fortunately, Himali Stoccatore is anything but typical.

“I wanted a broad sense of the business – to be able to understand every aspect of it and touch the different functions,” explains Himali, who joined UTC Aerospace Systems a decade ago. Over the period she has held numerous positions in the company, transitioning from an engineering role to a managerial one.

“I have experience in engineering, in technology and now in supply-chain management,” says Himali. “I want to integrate that experience and eventually run a business unit.”

The Employee Scholar program has put Himali on track to achieve her goal. She earned her MBA from Carnegie Mellon University and today serves as lead negotiator for a number of large-scale efforts, including the recent completion of the largest contract in the history of UTC Aerospace Systems.

“The MBA I earned through the Employee Scholar Program has benefited me in numerous ways,” she says. “It has certainly prepared me to take on new career opportunities. But it also has given me the confidence to speak up, question things and offer solutions to business problems.” ​ ​​

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