Fred Johnson


Fred Johnson
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There’s never a bad time to go back to school – even if it has been years since you stepped foot on a campus.

That was the case with Fred Johnson, a graduate of Rutgers University. “I had been working for several years before I decided that I wanted to learn more about leading teams and projects. The Employee Scholar Program motivated me to go back to school. The program removed all excuses that I had for not continuing my education.”

After enrolling in the ESP, Fred earned a management degree from the University of Bridgeport and then enrolled in the MBA program at Northeastern University.

Says Fred, “I chose my graduate degrees in order to connect the dots between the
day-to-day activities and the overall corporate strategy. My studies allowed me to be a more effective team member and leader. If it weren’t for my degrees, I would not have had the opportunities or experiences that I’ve enjoyed throughout my career.”

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