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Veterans Day 2016- David Emmerling

David Emmerling believes in leading from the front. Says Emmerling, “a leader should never ask members of his team to do something that he is not willing to roll-up his sleeves and do himself.” Values like this, learned while serving in the U.S. Navy, are ones Emmerling applies every day as vice president, Strategy & Business Development at Pratt & Whitney.

“Veterans have a sense of responsibility and a focus on results from being in a leadership position at a very young age,” said Emmerling. “UTC has a lot of elements that are similar to the military in terms of the way we communicate, the way we value teamwork, the way we value leadership.”

Emmerling joined the U.S. Navy following high school and served aboard the USS Enterprise and USS South Carolina as a radiological and chemistry technician. Following his time in the Navy, Emmerling went on to get his bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering and an MBA from the University of Maryland. He joined UTC in 2008.

In 2014, Emmerling joined UTC-4-Vets an employee resource group for veteran employees, in which he plays a key role in the onboarding of veterans and helping them begin their career at Pratt & Whitney.

“When employees with a military background come onboard, especially later in their career, we make sure they have the resources necessary to help them succeed,” said Emmerling.
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