Ezhil Nanjappan


Ezhil Nanjappan

Ezhil Nanjappan reached a crossroads in high school when he had to decide whether to pursue a college degree or at the urging of his parents, work on his family farm in Maruthur, India. After much conversation, they reached a compromise where he would study during week days and work on the farm on weekends. “I was accepted to Madurai Kamaraj University, a good engineering school,” he says. “During my first year I was trying to figure out what I wanted to study. After seeing computers for the first time in my life I decided to major in computer science and technology.”

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Ezhil Nanjappan
Ezhil Nanjappan

Over the past 18 years at Otis, Ezhil has taken on many different roles. He is currently supporting the digital aspects of the Otis service transformation through the development and deployment of global service applications.

“Engineers are involved with every step of the Otis service transformation,” he says. “When there is a business need for increased efficiency, engineers are the ones you rely on. They look into all the viable options and provide the best way for the company to proceed.”

Ezhil believes the future of engineering is bright and encourages students interested in math, science and programming to get involved. “Scientists dream and engineers do,” he says. “Engineers are the ones that make products that can change the way we live on a daily basis. With the constant advancement of technology there are no limits to what engineers can accomplish.”

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