A pilot's look at the most powerful fighter engine ever built

UTC_Pillar PrattWhitney F135

Around the world, pilots tasked with the most important missions depend on the reliability and safety of the advanced F-35 aircraft. 

Powered by the revolutionary Pratt & Whitney F135 propulsion system, the aircraft enables pilots in three branches of the United States armed forces and various international participants to trust that it will get the job done.

"We need [the aircraft] to be safe and reliable. As the pilot, I need to go out there and have 100 percent confidence, which I do, in that engine. And that engine will give me exactly what I need every time," explains Maj. Will Andreotta, F-35 pilot, United States Air Force Heritage Flight Team.

"It's just a wonderful airplane to fly," said Lt. Martin Tesli, F-35 pilot and senior national representative for Norway.​​​​

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