Lisa Szewczul honored for commitment to STEM education

Lisa Szewczul, Vice President of Environment, Health & Safety, was inducted Friday evening as an honorary member of Epsilon Pi Tau, an international honor society for professionals in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) disciplines .

Szewczul joins legislators, CEOs and educators who have been awarded this honor for their commitment and passion to STEM education.

Szewczul chairs the Industry Advisory Board of the Academy of Engineering and Green Technology (AoEGT), which educates high school students in Hartford, Connecticut, in engineering principles and provides academic content in electronics, biotechnology, aerospace and more.

Szewczul is passionate about empowering young people to seek bright futures in STEM disciplines – including at United Technologies, which offers several internships to AoEGT students each year.

“I was fortunate to build my career at UTC starting with a science degree in chemistry,” said Szewczul, “so it is meaningful for me to help local students explore the tremendous opportunities available in the science and engineering fields.”

Szewczul was recognized as “providing the leadership necessary for the 21st century workforce that is critical for the economic stability and growth not only of Connecticut, but of the nation” by Karen Wosczyna-Birch, Director of the Connecticut College of Technology. Szewczul belongs specifically to the college’s Epsilon Pi Tau chapter.

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