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Health and Safety

We maintain the highest possible safety standards globally and foster a culture that strives for the safest working conditions. We continue to look for opportunities to eliminate risk from our factories and operations to support our injury free goals.

While an injury-free workplace is our goal, the inherent risk in our industrial settings continues to present challenges. To eliminate occupational fatalities and serious injuries, we investigate each incident for root cause, take corrective action and design safer working conditions based on the assessment.

We also support innovative behavior-based approaches, like Otis's people-based safety process, which encourages employees to actively observe their peers to help them recognize safe and at-risk actions.

Performance and Goals

For nearly two decades, we have been holding ourselves accountable to exceptionally high safety standards. Beginning in 1991, UTC established Environment, Health & Safety (EH&S) goals and began to publicly report performance against them the following year.

We have reported on our performance every year since then. Read about our 2010 performance here.

In 2011, we launched the 2015 UTC Sustainability Goals, which now encompass sites, suppliers and products.

Within the Sustainability Goals are a new set of health & safety targets for 2011-2015 that include:

  • 100% of facilities to be quiet, clean and tobacco-free
  • Zero fatalities and serious injuries for employees and contractors
  • Lost Day Injury Rate reduction of 41% from the 2010 goal
  • Total Recordable Injury Rate reduction of 13% from 2010 goal

Read more about how we set our Sustainability Goals in CR in Depth.